About APA’s Prosecutors for Prosecutors (PFP) Campaign

Prosecutors For Prosecutors exists to save the lives of Afghan prosecutors currently in hiding and being targeted for murder by the people they incarcerated.  41 have been murdered or injured since the Taliban took power. Your donation will be used to relocate at-risk prosecutors and family members to safe host countries.

The US Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA-US) launched the Prosecutors for Prosecutors (PFP) campaign in response to a dire request from the Afghanistan Prosecutors Association (APA-AF) to help save the lives of prosecutors who remain in Afghanistan.

​PFP is a 501c3 nonprofit and nongovernmental organization. Our goal is to raise $15 million dollars to get 1,500 Afghan prosecutors and their families relocated to a safe country. We will be doing this in steps, first, raise $180,000 to get out the 18 Prosecutors we have ready to go right now.

​Every dollar donated to PFP will go to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to fund the safe relocation of Afghan prosecutors.


Prior to the fall of Kabul in August of 2021, there were approximately 6,000 Afghan staff members of the Afghanistan Attorney General Office supporting rule of law programs. Many were the prosecutors responsible for criminal cases against members of the Taliban for murder, terrorism, assaults, kidnapping, abductions, violence against women, and drug crimes. Most were members of the Afghanistan Prosecutors Association (APA-AF) and trained by the US and allied nations.

​APA-AF, now in exile, has identified over 3,800 prosecutors and key staff members that remain in Afghanistan. They are hiding – unemployed and facing famine and starvation.

APA-US and APA-AF have watched in horror as more than 31 Afghan prosecutors have been murdered since the Taliban forced their way to power in August, 2021.  The Taliban have disbanded the Attorney General’s office, fired all prosecutors, and ordered their forces to find all of them for “processing.”

They are in need of assistance and relocation out of Afghanistan to safety for themselves and their families. The fastest way to get these prosecutors and their families to safety is by funding NGOs that are able to relocate them, such as Jewish Humanitarian Response.

Our Mission

As prosecutors we join other like-minded organizations seeking safety for at-risk former justice sector employees (including prosecutors, judges, defense attorneys, and investigators) left behind in Afghanistan. The mission of this campaign is to raise $15 million to save the lives of 1,500 Afghan prosecutors and their families by evacuating and relocating them to a safe country.

In addition, we are seeking experienced and passionate partners to help relocate prosecutors to places of safety and provide them with employment opportunities.

​PFP invites organizations from the international, legal, immigration, refugee, and human rights communities and individual prosecutors upholding the rule of law around the world to join this mission.

A note of caution: Every disaster brings fraudsters and scammers out of the woodwork. Please do not fall prey to false appeals. Choose trusted and credible organizations. PFP will only work with 501c3 nonprofits with a demonstrated track record and who comply with US and international laws, including U.S. Treasury sanctions. Each prosecutor will be vetted with trusted contacts prior to funding.

We are aware of attempts by the Taliban and others to locate prosecutors and seek retribution, using digital surveillance and impersonation, to find them. Methods to avoid digital detection and surveillance can be found at accessnow.org.