Afghan man’s case offers glimpse into US immigration court
The Afghan man speaks only Farsi, but he wasn't worried about representing himself in U.S. immigration court. He believed the details of his asylum claim spoke for themselves.
Extrajudical killings continue
Former ANSF Killed – Shafiq (no last name provided), a former ANSF soldier was reportedly killed in Samkani, Paktia by the Taliban.
Pakistan Grants Limited Extension to Illegal Afghan Refugees’ Stay
In a significant move, the federal government of Pakistan has made a crucial decision concerning illegal immigrants in the country.
Afghanistan Undercover
Video - An undercover investigation into the Taliban’s crackdown on women in Afghanistan.
The Taliban Promised Them Amnesty. Then They Executed Them.
Video - of the New York Times coverage of 490 extrajudicial killings
House Foreign Affairs hearing on Taliban reprisals
Video of HFAC Roundtable on Taliban Reprisals.