In a statement, the Taliban Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MoRR) said that over 2,859 Afghan refugees were repatriated from Iran via the Islam Qala crossing point on Monday.
The displaced Afghans making gruelling journeys to survive
The barren desert plain among the mountains of eastern Afghanistan is filled with hundreds of thousands of people.
Pakistan extends deadline for Afghans awaiting third-country resettlement
Islamabad, Pakistan – The Pakistani government has announced that undocumented Afghans awaiting paperwork to resettle to a third country will be allowed to stay in Pakistan for two more months.
Afghan refugees: Millions face mass deportation from Pakistan.
For years, an estimated 1.7 million undocumented Afghans have been living in Pakistan. But since a government crackdown on migrants began late last year, many have been forced out.
U.S. Boosts UN Refugee Program: Funding Travel Loans for Refugees and Migrants
The U.S. enhances its commitment to refugees by funding travel expenses in collaboration with the UN, facilitating easier resettlement for displaced individuals.
Pro bono attorneys assist Afghan immigrants with residency paperwork
Chicago lawyers are trying to help Afghan immigrants jump through the legal hoops required to apply for permanent residency — the treasured “green card.”